Camp-out at a friend’s house

13 Jun

“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.”

Frank Crane
That is why I’m here , at my friend’s house. Let me introduce you; Mads. 17. Moss, Norway. This is my great friend whom I’m now going to camp with – in his house. With him I can totally be myself, and we are .. crazy. We love each others company and spend most of our time together. You’ll learn to know him soon enough if you only keep following me and my life on this blog. :)
Anyway, we had dinner at his grandparent’s house today, now we are camping out in front of his computer, playing facebook games and blogging. Just recieved a foot massage too, isn’t that lovely :P Thank you, Mads.
I’m spending the night tonight, and tomorrow his folks are taking a trip to Sweden so we’ll be alone. I sense a late night and sleeping till noon tomorrow morning haha.
I wish I had pictures, but this is neither my computer, nor was I smart enough to bring my camera, not that I can find it.
Maybe we’ll take some pics with his webcam ;)
That being said, any hints and tips on how to use CSS or HTML codes and stuff, would be helpful and much appreciated!
"You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up
-- Bonnie Prudden


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