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Behind every photographer is a …

27 Jun

I love photography. Just as I love elephants, whaddya know. Anyway, I have another email subscription to a digital photography school. They send me weekly updates and hints and tips and tutorials. Well today one of them was the weekend photography assignment. Which was to complete the sentence “Behind every great photographer is a….”

There were so many great answers that were just plain genius:

is the photographer’s behind!

Is the one who agreed to spend the money for the first DSLR.

drive to see an image out of nothing…

There’s another great photographer….

… usually another photographer :D

Behind every good photographer there’s … Photoshop

Behind every photographer there are your loved ones….who inspires you to do better

To read all the answers, go to this link:
For more info about photography, more tips and tutorials, visit tis link:

Behind every photographer there is a….

What is your answer? Please comment!


Quick post before I go to bed

26 Jun

Mads spent the night here as I said earlier, we slept till 11pm. We made breakfast – those delicious deviled eggs you know – and went outside in the warm weather for once and read a magazine. We played some RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and then he had to go home. Carolina Marie let me sit on the back of her scooter up to her house and we washed and I earned money : )

We had people over for dinner – delicious food by the way. Yummi :) Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries was on the dessert menu <3

I’ve been playing some more RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and I had a photo shoot with myself. Quite fun actually.

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This is my first slideshow – please rate!

Now I have to go “hit the sack” is Mads says. Sweet dreams!

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

24 Jun

Best game ever. Too old for my computer to be able to read it, but with a few tricks we made it work anyway so now we are playing and playing. Think we spend about the whole day on this, and it’s quite fun.

Yup. So this is the game we are playing. 8 years old. Without expansions though, but that’s okay. It’s fun enough with only this : )

Anyone played this before?

Just a few quotes

24 Jun

“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”

— Robert Frost

“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

— H. Jackson Browne

“Time is a wheel in constant motion, always rolling us along. Who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone?”

— LeAnn Womack – “I hope you dance” (the part that is in the background with the chorus)

Oh and I think the best quote ever:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

I tried to find who to quote it by, but I guess it’s hard because it is so ancient. But it is so true. Too many people just.. don’t live while they can. They go to sleep when they are six and wake up at 26 you  know.. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

At some point I am going to post my favourite 100 quotes or something.

New theme – Koi

24 Jun

So I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the new theme on, but I have to say that I really really love it. I hadn’t found any themes that were like “girly” or “pink” or  “flowery” in the way that I was liking. This theme is not quite that either, but it doesn’t matter. I love it. I feel that it can represent me. It’s fun, and I like having fun; it’s art, and I like art, especially making art; and it has summer colors which is great for the summer!

I loved it. That’s all I can say : )

Thank you!


24 Jun

Summer, warm weather, sun, blue sky, no clouds, tons of people on the beach, ice creams everywhere, bikinis, sunscreen, light weight summer dresses, occasional warm breeze, salty smell of sea, screams of sea gulls. Ah, it’s lovely. Except that’s not the case today. It’s rather chilly, no wind, cloudy, no people at the beach, and definitely no need for sunscreen. Even though technically it is advised to use sunscreen of at least 15 SPF all year round. Anyway, make the best of what you got, right?

Mads will be over at some point today, daddy will be home at 3pm and mom has left for her ceramics studio. I got the camera back up and running, all it needs is to be charged and it should be done in about an hour. Which means I’ll have pictures! Wait.. the Mac doesn’t have a memory card reader.. ouch.. Maybe the other computer does. ^^’ Anyway, I’ll have some pics posted – some better than the webcam pics.
My dog has found it acceptable to sleep right next to me in my bed for once! The poor thing, he itches so much all over, especially his neck and we don’t know what it is.. Mom is going to take him to the vet this afternoon I think, so hopefully they can find out what it is, because it is really bugging him. And I can understand perfectly fine, my legs itch so much sometimes I can’t sleep at night, so I feel his pain. I hope he gets better.

Oh, look at that, no title this time

24 Jun

Alright, so I didn’t blog more yesterday as planned.. But one can’t really blame me either, cause you have to be social when you are at someone’s house, and we were playing games and just having a great time. Played Monopoly actually, quite the interesting game. I summed up all the properties I had and converted them to money instead and ended up with more than the stack of $10,000s so that was pretty cool. But we were only two players playing also though.
We spent the evening watching “A Haunting” the episode “Demon Kid” which was. literally. the most. freaky thing. i have. ever. seen. oh. my. gosh. Search for it on youtube and there are 5 videos, start on the 1 out of 5 one, was a whole TV show. True story too, that’s the worst. And that REALLY creeps me out, so naturally I was freaked out for the whole rest of the night and poor Mads couldn’t go anywhere without me and I couldn’t go anywhere without having to have him with me. That’s what he gets for showing me scary stuff though ; )
From 6am until 7.30 this morning our alarms went off sporadically. And then we got up. And got dressed. And were to head for school, but I needed breakfast and Mads is like “oh no, we won’t be there until school starts” And I’m like yeah we will, and finish eating in no time and then he spends 10 more minutes eating and 5 minutes getting his stuff that I already got for him, so if we were to be late it would be HIS fault, not mine. But we weren’t late. ; ) Besides, it wouldn’t really have mattered either if we were to be late. So it’s all good. : )
In school we got our grade sheets. Dun, dun dunnnnn. Kidding ; P But it wasn’t bad, i had better grades than I expected. So that’s good. Though a few of them would be better if I had worked harder. So next year is no mercy! Well maybe just a little ; )
We went shopping for a dress I saw after that, we ate, and then we took the bus home. We relaxed and played some roller coaster game at his house on the computer a little bit, and then his aunt and two cousins came over for a chat and then they left and we had dinner and then daddy came to pick me up because I didn’t bring money to town, so I never actually bought the dress. So he had to come with money. And at the same time we stopped by school to see our exam grade. I got a 5! And Mads too! We were the only two people in our class who got a 5. Proud face. English written was the exam by the way.
Mom and I also went and bought a t-shirt for my mom and a new white bra for me that i could wear under the dress… my daddy and brother went to eat dinner at a restaurant.. aaaand my dog is making weird sounds downstairs I have a feelings it’s paper.. let me go check that… he had found some food.. in a plastic bag.. way to go.
Anyway, once home, Carolina Marie, her boyfriend Mathias, and their friend Didrik came yelling my name thru the window and off I went. We picked those delicious strawberries I talked about earlier, got eaten up by mosquitos and Mathias taught me how to throw rocks in the water.
Now I am headed off to bed, freezing cold, and starving. : )
Wish me sweet dreams, and no nightmares about demon kids. Flowers, pink, yellow, summer, new dress. Oh! I’ll post a pic of the new dress later. Right now I just want to sleep=.=
Nighty night! (Or good morning, for all I know you might be just getting up).

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