Darkroom equipment and seeexey shoes

5 Apr

I woke up, tired as usual, jumped in the shower, did my make-up and jumped into some comfy sweats and a tee, and headed off to school. Day starts off with the usual 3 hours of social studies followed by English. Lunch goes by with our little gang occupying the hallway making a funnier sitcom than any other. So a pretty normal day. Until about 11.50. That’s when my day turned around for the first time. This man comes over to us and asks for the photography teachers. Sorry, they’re out of the country, currently in Spain. What a shame :(. He goes on asking if this school has darkroom equipment? We’re pretty sure. Well I have an old set of darkroom equipment I’m going to throw away… he manages to say before he is interrupted, by the proud me, asking whether he is willing to donate privately. And that is how I ended up with darkroom equipment now stored in my garage until further notice. So what happened after he unofficial handed his crap over to me was, lets see, a 5 or 6 of us came with him to his car to grab the stuff (I thought it would be one cardboard box and that’s it, but I was mistaken). Five or six crazy kids come rolling back to our little camp out place in the hallway now carrying loads of heavy plastic bags and the likes full of dark room equipment. There were not that many people helping me carry it to my next class. Where, btw, the stuff ended up cluttering the entire front part of the room, and there were not that many people helping me drag it down the stairs and into mum’s car either. It was essentially only me. But all credit to the lovely Toby who volunteered to help me carry it down stairs.

Now the problem is, what do I do with it? I haven’t ever even seen a darkroom before in person, I don’t even own a camera with the film thing .. I don’t have a dark room. How do I set it up? What am I supposed to do with old darkroom equipment? Of course, I didn’t tell the man this, hehe. But what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just let him trash it.

Anyway, and the second turn of the day was during that last class period where I cluttered the whole room. We were supposed to work, my friend Franchesca spoiled it all. She showed me this website, and girls, sit down. Wholesale-dress.net. There are GORGEOUS dresses and shoes and everything else for under 5 bucks!! These clothes and shoes should be at LEAST 10 dollars, but they’re not! Well, obviously some are more expensive, but girls, this is the place to go shopping. They have men and kids too, though, and jewelry and stuff. Just check it out.

I have been surfing for hours on the women’s dresses category only at first, and I was only able to look through 500 of 21 thousand. I thought I’d get through them all, but I got impatient, I wanted to look at the shoes.

And then it was there.

The new love of my life.

The sexiest shoes in the world!

Wanna see?

If I was a gay guy (I’m not saying I have anything against gay people, I love them, in fact I keep thinking I should have a gay boyfriend who could actually give a feedback on what I decide to wear or something, but obviously that wouldn’t work) I would scream the way you’d think gay people would scream when they saw something as sexy as this fashion wise. Actually, I did. But it was inside my head so it doesn’t matter.

I went crazy over these shoes. And then came the biggest disappointment – they were out of stock. NOOOOOOOO

But I swear, as soon as those shoes are restocked (and I will be checking every single day), I will buy them. Two pairs maybe even. And then I’ll wear them like all the time. Or maybe I should make them special and wear them only on extremely special events. No, I know how I’ll do this, I’ll wear the one pair all the time, and the other pair will be for special occasions. Yes, that’s how I’ll do it : )

So do check out the website! They got loads of cheap stuff, if you start looking you’ll know what I mean. You’ll be blown away by the amazing cheapness, and you’ll never be able to stop!

Edit: this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had some trouble with WordPress..

Spring is here!

31 Mar

Already in November the snow came to stay. Since then we’ve had either snow, or lots of snow. It’s not like normally when there’s early snow and then it disappears and then later, the real snow will come. Well, that didn’t happen. The snow in November stayed. And now, it’s finally starting to melt after 5 long months of snow!

Look at that! Just two weeks ago the roads were covered in 30 centimeters of ice! Literally, and where the cars had been driving there was no ice, so the tire tracks were 30 cm deep, and you didn’t wanna get stuck in one of those in case you met oncoming traffic because the road is so narrow that you have to move to the side when you meet a car, especially when there’s snow. And look, now the streets are bare. And you see the boat? That’s my brother’s boat. It has been completely covered with snow. All of it, you couldn’t see the boat. But now you can! This puts me in an incredible mood. The weather is sunnier with less clouds and more sun and the days are longer and lighter so now I wake up from the sun shining through my windows rather than my alarm clock. Which is great. The temperature is milder – finally above freezing, and the dog is getting sandier. On Saturday after walking him I decided to give him a bath because wherever he lay down he left piles of sand, and now the floor of our house is covered in little doggie paws. It’s a little bit cute, but walking on sand is annoying. It’s funny though, cause now you can see where he normally walks. I like tiny paw prints, they’re cute. Oh and now the weather is so mild that the dog can even go for walks without his woolen sweater on. I think he likes it :) And he is no longer covered in snow when he comes in :)

Anyway spring is here, and I love it!!

It really brings my mood up and I smile a lot more, I laugh a lot more, and just.. everything is easier to handle. And I bet I’m not the only one!

Safety theme creative project

1 Mar

Alright, so it’s officially been a week. I bet you’re anxiously waiting for my response to the safety-theme. Well, sorry to disappoint already, but I haven’t finished it. There are plenty of reasons for this; I got terribly sick and lay straight on the sofa for two days and spent two days recovering, which takes away four possible days of work. Even though I could have worked on my recovering days. And my plan was to make a stop-motion animation, and I got started right away. However, it hit me that I didn’t know how to put all the many pictures together in what is a little faster than slide-show paste where each picture has a total of three seconds each. That wouldn’t make a movie. That would make a very boring slide show. And then there is of course the laziness, and all the other stupid excuses that shouldn’t be there. Anyway, I have been working really hard on drawing the pictures that I am going to use, and I’ve spent a lot of time on that. I have also spent a lot of time figuring out how to put the pictures together.

So, since I have already broken my promise, I will compensate with telling you my entire idea, before you will see the final product. If you want to be spoiled. : P

So, first thing that popped into my mind when I read “safety” was cars, driving and car accidents and seat belts. Surprisingly, during the whole time that I have planned and thought about this project, nothing like fire trucks or ambulances or life jackets or fire extinguishers or anything popped into my mind. It was always the driving and the seat belts. However, just drawing or painting a picture much like the “Husk Setebelte” commercial we have in Norway, I wanted to be a little more creative. But I really couldn’t think of anything. Writing a poem about wearing your seat belt? I don’t think so. Writing a short story of a girl getting really hurt because she was not paying attention to the road? Boring. Cheesy. So I decided to make a stop motion animation since I just had a big English project on The Magic World of Animation. So I decided I would draw a mouse, driving in a cheese car. (Cheesy! – no pun intended?).  I would have the mouse driving drunk in his cheesy car on a road, perfectly fine, like you sometimes are even though you had a glass of wine. He would then not see the tree that is in the middle of the road, not that there would ever be a tree smack in the middle of a road, and he would crash. Pretty simple really, but I thought it would be sort of creative and fun to create a stop-motion animation. I was however, not planning on drawing one image, and then another image slightly different. I have drawn a drunk mouse, a cheese car, a comic strip like “CRASH” you know with the lightning and bolts and car parts and stuff, little dots and stars to create the drunk-effect, and several versions of the tree in the road. I haven’t decided about what sort of tree it will be yet, I’m still working on it. I also drew some stars for after the crash and stuff. I also still need to draw the road. I would then steal the idea of Emile Cohl – create a paper cut-out animation. I would then only have to reposition the paper-cut out, instead of drawing an entirely new drawing for each frame. And it is still a stop-motion animation. I also thought about using clay and creating everything in clay and it would be all 3D and stuff, but I don’t think I own any clay anymore. And if I did, it would be all dried out since I was little. So I went for the paper cut-out.

Bilbelteskilt Ungt Par

But really, the hardest, and most time-consuming part is yet to come: the photographing. And then putting the pictures in order, and creating the animation. I have found the iMovie thing on the iMac, and I’ve played around with it a little to see what it can do for me, and there is even a place I can adjust the amounts of pictures per second up to 30. There is 24,25 and 30 I don’t know which one is best to use, but I’ll find out. However, I don’t know if I can just upload a bunch of pictures and it would play as a movie, I don’t know if I can only use film strips from movie camera. if anyone knows this, nudge nudge, please let me know!! If iMovie doesn’t work, I don’t know what will work  XP. Maybe I’ll only make a comic strip. That, frankly, isn’t funny. We’ll see. I’ll work on it very soon. I don’t think I knew how big of a project this animation would be when I decided on it ^^”

But, I will not only post my result, I will post a step by step on how I did it too, in case anyone else wants to be inspired by it. : )

Creativity Project

22 Feb

Alright, people. I’m starting a new creative project. I really need it. So, I figured I could use my blog as a little help (to be honest it was my aunt‘s idea).

So I’d like for it to work something like this: You comment in the comments section and give me either a theme or a title.  Then I have a week to do something creative about that title or theme. I’ll paint, draw, take a picture, write a poem, write a short story, or anything else creative with whatever the theme or title it was you gave me. Say for example you gave me “storm” as either a theme or a topic. Then I would paint, say a tornado, or a grey horse on his hind legs with a wild look in his eyes and a storm going on around him. Or something. And if I get more than one request each week, I will choose the first one (as long as it isn’t the same one or a similar one to the one that was the previous week) and then I’ll save the others for a week with no requests.

Please note: I am no professional, but I like to do this as a hobby, and recently I have been slacking out, so I need some boosting. I’m doing this as a push to be creative and get inspiration and practice. And also, if you did something creative yourself with the theme of the week, feel free to comment and leave a link or something to your blog and show us! :) Or email me a picture of your work, or your text. I would appreciate if you decide to leave it as a comment, leave it in the post where I show you my completed task. That way it will be more structured.

So, anyone care to be the first to suggest a topic, theme or title? : )

America trip update and a trip to work?

19 Feb

So for those of you who are still wondering – I know my aunt does! – we (those of us who applied for the America trip with school) received a letter from the guy chaperoning the trip, that said whether you had been accepted or not. I was not. But as a reassurance they told me that I would be the first they called in to go if some of the 7 or 8 people decided not to go after all. Of 8 people, I doubt anyone will do that, but at least I’m number one. It’s kind of a bummer though, cause I was just one person away from being accepted, right, but anyway. I can go on my own! : ) And I will. Some day. : P

So a couple of weeks ago I was on my way to work. I work as a cleaning lady once every three weeks at this office,  and the time had come for me to clean the office yet again. School is off 01.55, I had managed to survive a whole school day without my phone. My bus leaves at 02.00. I rush out of the class room, through my stuff into the locker, somehow manage to waste a bunch of time and so I’m running – on icy ground – to catch my bus before it leaves. The constantly overcrowded bus. As I round the corner I can still see that my bus is parked right in its normal place and so I hurry inside and peep my fancy bus card I got from school because I live so far away. I manage to find an open seat next to a guy, politely ask if I can sit, and sink down into the not-so-comfortable bus seat, trying to make it look like I totally didn’t stress to get to the bus on time. At 02.05 the bus leaves. Which doesn’t make me wonder, because there are two busses that go to my work, one leaves at 02.00 and another one at 02.05 and I can never tell them apart. As we drive (and note that I have terrible, I mean terrible, sense of direction – I live in a teeny-weeny town and yet if you asked how to get to the movie theatre, honestly I couldn’t tell you) I notice that the buildings don’t look exactly the same as they used to do, but then again, I have terrible sense of direction and where we are, so maybe these buildings were always like that and I just never noticed. Then we get to the only intersection with traffic lights that we have in town and I recognize it and think “oh, that’s right, we always go through this intersection” and I stopped worrying. And I didn’t notice that we took the wrong turn. So after a while, about ten minutes or so, again I get the feeling of not remembering where this place is. There were a whole bunch of small private houses and some small shops here and there, and I couldn’t remember having ever seen them before. So I thought “maybe it’s taking a detour, and it will go back again soon, or on the way back to town” and so I don’t think anything more of it until we get to this “big” shopping center. (Mosseporten for those of you who know where that is). And I’m thinking “Shit.” I’m on the wrong bus. Mosseporten, that shopping center, is like, in totally the opposite direction of where those offices are. I’m on the wrong bus. I need to get off. I don’t have my phone. I need to get off in a place where someone else also gets off so I can ask to borrow their phone, and it has to be by a store or something so I can tell mum where I am. And I’m trying not to make it look like I’m completely lost, cause the guy next to me is like totally calm, and I’m freaking out inside. So the bus drives further and further until I am sure I have never been there before at all, and some people do get off here and there, but I swear, there were NO shops or grocery stores or ANYTHING around. Like nothing. There were barely even houses. So we drive, and we drive, and we drive, and I’m thinking “oh my gosh, mum’s gonna have to drive so far to get me” and I was already late for work. Big time. Not that they care, they’re only guys and they probably forgot I was coming that day anyway. So finally I spot the tiniest grocery store in human history, and it doesn’t even look like one because it’s located inside some really shabby, old building that looks like it used to be those really, really old-fashioned fire houses just without a garage. The only reason I know it’s a grocery store is because it has a big green flag outside of it that says “SPAR.” I think. Or something else. And luckily there is a girl who needs to get off there, so I hurry off the bus too. I almost run after the poor girl, and I politely say “Excuse me” and ask to borrow her phone because I had forgotten mine and was on the wrong bus. The girl, thankfully, and so nice of her, lets me borrow her phone, and I call my mum, who doesn’t pick up. And I call and I call, but all I hear is “beeeeeeeep………beeeeeeeep….” for like a minute until she finally picks up (she doesn’t have a voice mail so her phone just calls and calls forever). And I’m like “Hey, mum, it’s me.. so um.. I got on the wrong bus…. could you come get me?” and she asks me where I am and I say “um.. hang on” and I have to ask the girl where we are, cause I really had no idea, and she just laughs and says I’m in Våler, at Teksnes and I’m like ?! And I tell mum that, and that I’m by a SPAR shop, and there is a sign that says Nes, or Nos, or Nis, or something, I couldn’t see that far. And she’s like “well I don’t really know where that is” and I try to remember where the bus had been driving, and I tell her what I think I remember, but once we have hung up, mum will have the information she has, and that would be it. If she didn’t find me she wouldn’t be able to call me back, and I’d be lost forever. I was like freaking out, and I didn’t want the girl to leave, but I couldn’t tell her that, and I couldn’t let her see that I was freaking out. So I just stood there. In the cold. Making time pass by making patterns in the snow with my shoes. And I can’t even call anyone or text anyone to make time pass, I couldn’t even check what time it was because I don’t wear a wrist watch since I have my phone. And it feels like forever until I see mum’s car driving towards me, and as she pulls over to let me in she’s just laughing. So after that I didn’t really feel like working. I was tired and cold and frustrated with myself, and I just wanted to go home, but obviously, work needs to be done. So I show up, like milestones late, and I present my apologies to my boss who actually had forgotten that I was supposed to come. My boss seems like the most boring person at times. I text him to say I’ll be working today and he says “Ok.” back. To every text I send, I receive and “Ok.” back. I don’t think I can ever remember having received anything but “Ok.” from him, but once I told him what had happened, and where I had ended up, he laughed so hard I had to laugh too. And he just laughed, and he kept bugging me about it and asking questions, and laughing some more.

Looking back, it was pretty funny. But it was NOT at the time. And honestly, it wasn’t even my fault, because the bust I took stood in the exact place that my bus is supposed to be (at lease I think it stood there), and it left at the exact same time. And I was in a hurry. But I have learned my lesson. Always always look to see where the bus is going before peeping your card. Or ask the driver. Or both. So I tend to do both.

It’s actually quite amazing I haven’t gotten lost anytime before like that considering my sense of direction.

Have a nice weekend :)

Coming: Charity Page!

4 Feb

English Inweriew Report!

3 Feb

So in my school, English is an elective. And since I choose English as an elective next year as well, the school offers a trip to Virginia for 7-8 students in the endire school. So we apply for the trip now, and there has been 19 people aplying for it. Therefore they set up interviews so they can find the 8 best candidates. And today at 8am, it was me being interviewed. The first one actually. I don’t know if it’s good or bad to be the first person interviewed :P Anyway, so I went in, had my interview, and left. I don’t think it went too well, sadly. :( I think they think that I already have enough experience with America, but we will see sometime next week! I’ll keep you updated! : D
Please cross your fingers for me! I really really want to go! :)

9 Things to be Thankful for Before You go to Bed at Night

20 Jan

It’s Thursday again, and time for another post! : ) Today I’m doing a list post. It is important to think about what is good in your life and your day, and a lot of people write diaries about all the things they are thankful for that day. That way, you go to sleep all happy, and chances are you’re going to wake up happy too.

So these are some of the smaller things that normally go unnoticed, but if you think about it, it does mean a lot.

Here are some of the things I am really happy about in my day today:

1. Waking up refreshed and knowing there is still quite a while until I have to go to school, and I can get ready without any stress is great. I’m thankful that I have this opportunity on Thursdays.

2. I am thankful for my boyfriend. He is such a sweetie, and he does so many little things for me, and I don’t know what I would do without him.

3. I am thankful for having a teddy bear and a blankie to hug in bed and an alarm clock that does not make the normal annoying sound that make you end up hating it. I love my alarm clock.

4. I am thankful for showers and warm water. I sometimes (actually most of the time) take it for granted, but some people actually don’t have this opportunity, and they are so missing out.

5. I am thankful that I have a family who, despite that dad is working far away and is only home in the weekends, and all other faults, stay close together, and love each other.

6. I’m thankful for people who say smile and say “thanks” in a nice tone when you hold the door for them.

7. I am thankful for having a lovely little black ball of fur to welcome me with a wagging tail and butt when I come home.

8. I’m thankful for my bed. Humans spend 1/3 of their life in bed, and I’m thankful that I have a cute, nice little twin bed, with a soft mattress and nice comforters to wrap myself into.

9. Lastly today, I’m thankful for cereal. For breakfast, lunch, or a snack before I go to bed. I could even eat it for dinner. It’s one of the best things ever. Especially that Special K thing with Red Barries.LOVE

10. …

I leave a black spot for #10 because I want you to fill out, in the comments section, what you are most thankful for today, whichever day you read this.

And if you don’t comment, at least just think about what would be on your “thankful”-list before you go to bed.

New Year’s Resolutions. We all have them, don’t we?

13 Jan

Aum symbol in red

Image via Wikipedia

So, we all secretly make ourselves a little mental list of all our new year’s resolutions. And we all secretly know that we’ll never achieve them. I have a little list of my own. I started a competition with my dad, first one to get a six-pack. The one who loses has to buy clothes for the winner for 400 NOK. So naturally one of my new year’s resolutions is to work out every day. Another one is to do a couple of yoga exercises every day so I won’t get neck pains. It helps against the pains I have because of tense muscles, and it helps me de-stress and reenergize. I personally think yoga should be a class in school. I bet student’s grades will become much better. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Another new year’s resolution I made myself was to work on holding my body properly. Shoulders back and down, and head properly held straight above your shoulders and not several inches in front like a hunchback : P And lastly, probably the first one I won’t be able to keep – never put anything down in a place where it doesn’t belong. Actually, I’ve already failed that one. But the point is to get better and more tidy, right, and as long as I’m improving that’s what really matters right? Oh, and obviously the postaweek2011 challenge. These are the “official” ones anyway. The only problem with all of these is that I either didn’t start until just a couple of days ago, and not on the actual January 1st, or, I didn’t even come up with them until a couple of days ago. Next year I think my new year’s resolution will be “to make no new year’s resolutions.”

So, what are your new year’s resolutions? And how are those coming along?

I’m posting every week in 2011!

12 Jan

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now. I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


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